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pdf ico Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

Includes press releases, missing persons, contacts, staging centers, and relief distribution points.   View Online   Down

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The largest library of Android apps and all things around Android: Apps, News, Tips and Editorial Reviews.   View Online   Down

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You have command of paramedics, fire brigades, police and disaster relief. Send your teams out on tense real-time missions to deal with disasters in Europe’s major ...   View Online   Down

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Emergency Committee for Israel The Emergency Committee for Israel is committed to mounting an active defense of the US-Israel relationship by educating the public ...   View Online   Down

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pdf ico What are you guys doing to maintain screen time of 4+ hours on stock (and root for those who have)?

As the title implies; with GPS, location service, and google currents, maps, music, books, and movies syncing all off, with my mobile data network turned on only in emergency situations and wi-fi used sparingly otherwise, with screen brightness at ~10%, at most I can crack the 4 hour mark on my nexus before the black beauty shuts down on me. What are you guys doing to keep that 4+ hour time? I'm assuming by having a rev_11 device I'm a bit crippled until google sends in an update for the naggin...   View Online   Down

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pdf ico RCMP to crack down on drivers who speed past emergency ...

Do you know what to do when passing a tow truck or emergency vehicle on the side of a road? It seems many drivers don't know the law.   View Online   Down

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pdf ico LPT: Check your tire pressure now, and address it asap. Now is also the best time to put on winter tires, and prep a small bag with simple emergency supplies.

Now is the time to check the Tire Pressure of your vehicles! It should be done monthly, as well as when you suspect something....but now that we are in much cooler weather, this has caused the air to cool and condense in our tires, which leads to tires with low pressure! Driving on tires with low pressure results in excessive wear and cracks on the tire, allowing for a possible blowout or tire bubble in the future. Low pressure tires are also TERRIBLE for gas mileage, uneven tires cause issue...   View Online   Down

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pdf ico EMERGENCY!!!: Calling all exmos in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area: Please get in contact and with this girl who is having a familial rejection and suicidal crisis and offer personal support and preferably a safe place to stay if possible. Upvote for visibility

**Update:** the girl [**has updated and she's ok**]( A big thanks to the local support who got in contact with her. I want you to get in contact with each other's social media and phone numbers for trying each other as a group *outside* of this sub so that you can form a team so that there isn't just one person who may or may not be available in case of an emergency. Offer your numbers to frakkity, and vet each other to make sure ...   View Online   Down

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All I know is that it's a Kaba lock, uses the numbers 1-99 and I'm not sure what Hayman is. The top we have keys for but the bottom is locked with a dial. I'm not sure on the year of it either but if its original then 1980s maybe? I've taken stabs at it in the past to no avail. Any suggestions? Here's a [picture]( Edit: Thanks for the input. For clarification, when our owners took over from the corporate store we became a franchise locally owned. The deal left us with...   View Online   Down

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Just some quick background info. My father was a promising athlete who played a sport professionally for 2 years. He got cut shortly after I was born, was offered a tryout for a team 3,000 miles away, declined it. He was a vicious alcoholic and crack cocaine abuser throughout the late 80's, 90's, and early 00's. As a kid, me and my dad would drive to the liquor store everyday. He'd mix brandy with coke in the parking lot, stuff the brandy bottle under the seat and we would drive home while he w...   View Online   Down

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pdf ico Crack down on my alleged 'on call status', AKA "I'm finally allowed to sleep again."

I am a system/network administrator at a small district hospital. When I took the job I had six years of experience in the education field. I thought "Education... healthcare... It's all pretty much the same thing from an IT perspective." How very wrong I was. I am constantly harassed for stupid problems in the middle of the night, namely password resets. Both the Hospital and LTCU have 24 hour staffing so when the nurses need to chart and they can't remember their password they call me. This ...   View Online   Down

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pdf ico Some pregnancy achievements unlocked, week 26 (somewhat gross):

1: Farted loudly in public (twice). Just can't hold them in anymore. 2: Dropped small change on the ground and just didn't pick it up (ah fuck it's just money, screw it). 3: Peed my pants and chose not to do anything about it (ah fuck it will dry, screw it). 4: Performed CPR om a dying patient (I work in a hospital). Heard ribs crack and seriously wondered "hm is that the patient or my hips?" 5: Went to poo when my husband was in the shower in the same bathroom (it was an emergency, sorry....   View Online   Down

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pdf ico Some strange things have been happening in my house since I left my window open last week. (Part 4)

[Part 1] ( [Part 2] ( [Part 3] ( Hey guys. I meant to post an update yesterday, but I had another appointment. My specialist referred me to a gynecologist after a rather…messy incident regarding my uterus. Luc...   View Online   Down

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Jun 9, 2013 ... 911: First Responders or Emergency 4 (EM4) is a PC Game Simulation .... genre, free download, full version, inluded patch english and crack.   View Online   Down

pdf ico I Dared My Best Friend to End My Life [Part 4]

[Series 1]( ampamp;nbsp; [Part 1]( [Part 2]( [Part 3]( Hello everyone, Once again, thanks for all your love and su...   View Online   Down

pdf ico I used to work at a gas station in Idaho, I quit after what happened there last winter (Part 4)

[Part 3]( I checked the front door to see if the cabin room was still behind it, nothing but the snow and parking lot. Everything was just as it was supposed to be. But I knew it wouldn't be like that for longer, so I went right over to the desk and picked up the phone to dial 911. The line was dead. I would have thought it was the storm if I didn't know better based on those last few hours. I ...   View Online   Down

pdf ico New emergency alert system message - Update #2

[Part 1] ( I appreciate all of your responses. I was told by Eldridge that my mom didn’t make it through the event, “the town is lost.” He didn’t elaborate. I want to believe she’s alive, that Lynn’s alive too, but after what he told me I don’t know what to think. But if I’m being honest with you, I think I know the truth of it. I’m reeling from this news in the worst way. But, this forum and writing everything...   View Online   Down

pdf ico [NEWS] The Canadian Economic Miracle

At the beginning of the 2020s, if any one nation was to be singled out as having collapsed or fallen from grace, nearly anyone would point towards the United Canadian Provinces. The Canadian Civil War was brief, and its repercussions were felt only after it had drawn to a conclusion. Quebec became independence, and the UCP quickly followed up with a total shutoff of all inflow to the new nation, earning economic reprisal from the rest of the world. Quebec and the UCP entered a deep economic dep...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Damage Control

*Senior Technician Ceres waits attentively at her station ready for damage control duties and near an adjacent work branch. As the initial call to action stations passes without further incident for Ceres, her attention quickly shifted to a cybernetic left arm on the bench, sized for a clone over a foot taller than her and almost twice her mass. She turns to the small mouse droid frequently in her shadow.* "MSE-379, estimate proportions of missing arm based on deviation of my size and mas...   View Online   Down

pdf ico True IT Rescue

I'm a career firefighter who was a computer science major in a previous life, so I often get tapped to handle my departments IT issues. Sometimes, that duty spills over to actual emergencies. We responded to a house fire and were the second truck on the scene. The fire had started in the kitchen and spread across the living room consuming most of the first floor. After we had knocked down most of the fire, we went back out to the front door to get some tools. I have a rule taught to me by an o...   View Online   Down

pdf ico [Update] Dealing with a severe medical emergency (infant daughter's near drowning): both short term and long term costs

Thank you to the very kind people at PF who responded to my initial thread about dealing with immediate and long-term financial consequences of my daughter during her near-drowning incident. I wanted to post an update because when I would google for info, my original reddit thread would often pop up. So after an immediate family medical tragedy, what can you do to keep your finances in order? I don't have all the answers, but here are a few tips I learned since July 2015 and with the help of su...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Serious question about emergency funds: security blanket?

As I'm new again to this thing called "having money," I have some questions about the nature of a emergency fund. TL, DR: Questioning if emergency funds are necessary or even responsible in some situations. Not meant to be an affront to the idea, just testing the limits of the idea that it's necessary in an anecdotal situation. My wife and I (41 ampamp; 42, 2 kids pre-teen) have weathered a financial storm that saw us go from 2 jobs to 1 (both financial analysts) in 2010, take on medical bi...   View Online   Down

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Edit #1: Zelda CE is gone, sorry if that's why you came.....(it wasn't used for bait, and I can show the sold listing on ebay to prove it :oP) **If we were working things out last week and talks stalled, my apologies, I got quite overwhelmed with offers. Try again and maybe we can do something!** A lot of these things are for sale on other sites, so things may disappear at random. Additionally, I have a lot coming in, so this list will change each night. Main interest right now is Xbox One Ga...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Nexus 4 - No mobile network connection

Hello, The past weekend I've been trying to crack this bug I had with my nexus 4. And sadly, I did not succeed, otherwise I would not be posting here now: The Problem: Mobile network works fine for the first few minutes after start up, than goes into 'no network - emergency cell only'. Searching for networks does not work after this point. Sometimes asks for my simcard pin again. I tried: 1. Installing a clean 4.3 factory image 2. Installing a clean 4.2.2 factory image 3. Installing the lat...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Reddit - can I get some quick medical advice? The emergency room is backed up and urgent care is closed.

Throwaway account. One week ago I ran up some stairs after taking public transportation (and after drinking) and I guess the lack of oxygen made me faint, so I fell. I managed to break the fall of my 150lbs frame onto my arm/forearm. Didn't break any bones that I can tell but bruised it up pretty badly. After 1 week, the swelling has gone down a lot and I have regained most range of motion (can't brush my teeth with that arm yet though). I think I'm fine but I did just scare myself into walk...   View Online   Down

pdf ico PRE GAME THREAD: Calgary Flames (6-6-2) @ Minnesota Wild (8-4-3)

Puck drops at 8:00 EST/7:00 CST/6:00 MST/5:00 PST in Minnesota for first of three matchups between the Wild this season. **TV:** SNET-W **Radio:** Fan 960 ------------------------ **Team Injury Report** (from Rotoworld) *Flames* Mark Giordano (D)| IR | Broken Ankle | 6-8 Weeks Lee Stempniak (W) | Out | Broken Foot | Week-to-Week Chris Breen (D) | Out | Abdominal Strain | Day-to-Day --- *Wild* Mike Rupp (W) | IR | Knee | Day-to-Day --- **The Numbers:** **Regular Season Records** ...   View Online   Down

pdf ico First Crack at Extended. Advice?

So I've got a XL27 GrFE of Vehumet sitting at the entrance to Zot 5. Were I to escape, this would be my second win (The first being a GrBe). Instead of just grabbing the Orb and running, I'm thinking of doing some extra runes, but I'm not sure which one would be best to go for first. Unfortunately, I'm playing on the unofficial Android app and apparently can't pull the chardump from my phone. Here's most of the relevant details: Assets: * 163 HP, 41 MP. AC 43, EV 10, SH 8. Around 4k gold and ...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Strange things are happening in my town in South Korea (Part 4)

[Part 1]( [Part 2]( [Part 3]( I'm leaving. I'm at the airport in Incheon right now waiting for my flight. It's not for a few hours but this is the only place I feel safe. I can't go back to my apartm...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Game V - Night 1

*Captain's log, star date 41153.7.* We're lucky to be alive, that's what I keep telling myself. The *Tranquility* struck an uncharted ice comet while at interplanetary speed. We tried sealing emergency bulkheads to keep the vacuum from advancing, but soon we had to abandon ship. We didn't have enough escape pods for everyone so only 60 of us made it. We're not sure what this moon is called. It has a number, but [pause] my Cortex screen has a crack right where the name would be. We have so...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Industrial grade materials aren't invincible

*Le me working at a small company that designs and manufacture industrial, military grade joysticks. I'm one of the designers and programmers. An order comes for some surveillance system comes and my team (5 people) the assigned people to design and deploy. 2 months of developing 3d printing and cnc in aluminum we have the finished product. Inductive potentiometers with linear hall effect sensors and our top quality rubber mass. We CNC one prototype for testing * (0-80 Kgs) - no problem *...   View Online   Down