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Hey Friends, So [two months ago](, I created a thread to get ideas for a trip to Calgary. Well, thanks to all of your great advice, I took the plunge purchasing a plane ticket, passport, and few nights stay next to the U of Calgary. In two months, I'm going to eat my weight in pocket dawgs! Now, I want to meet some of you fine folks. Yes, this is two months in advance, but considering we...   View Online   Down

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#Summary This post is the second of two posts and is the ying to the yang of my other post, *”The Golden Rule: How To Not Get Fucked In Business”*. In TRP we teach from an amoral stance, as in, anything goes as far as discussion. In my first post I discussed how to play by the rules and protect yourself. In this post i’ll contrast the other perspective of the story. In the moral spectrum, the Golden rule is how to play morally correct. In the Dark rule, this is how you navigate as a machiavel...   View Online   Down

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I know I'm not the most prolific poster in this sub... for good reason... but, I've been around. Prolly met more of you at games in the last 3 years then just about anybody here... would love to meet more. Can't fuck with my cred. East Bay Represent! There's been alot of new faces this season... I've seen our subscribers jump by a 100 in just the last couple of weeks.... and that's awesome... The more the merrier... Let's go Oakland!!! ^ClapClap^ClapClapClap! There's also been a certain few of...   View Online   Down

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My name is E McNeill ([confirmation]( I'm a full-time indie game dev, and I have a mostly negative view of #GamerGate. I don't think that I'll be changing anybody's mind today, or vice versa, but I thought you might be curious to understand how I came to be part of your opposition. I don't know if this subreddit has the appetite for this kind of conversation anymore (and hey, no hard feelings if that's the case), but if you want to know m...   View Online   Down

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First of all this is not a post about using RMT to purchase orbs, but it does fall into a questionable grey area that a lot of people also thread into unknowingly. A friend of mine, a typical game bouncer (he loves to change games ever so often) about two months ago fell in love with Path of Exile. During that two month period he went ahead and both on two separate occasion a number of currency orbs, mainly exalted. I had obviously advised that in doing so it will probably get him off the game...   View Online   Down

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What's up fellas! I have two tickets to 5/8's game that I won through a veterans organization, Since I am apparently the only one who's mother doesn't live near me, I'd like to pass these along to two people that can go. I don't want money. I just want to pass them along to a military vet. The Yankees ticket policy is now connected to email account. I can email the tickets rather than having to meet you somewhere. Again, I want someone to enjoy these. And for the love of God, I...   View Online   Down

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pdf ico Hate me all you want but SotR was and is a cluster fuck and here is why! (epic sized post within)

Where to begin? Lets start with the most glaring issue for vet players or literally anyone who played for any duration of time previous to SotR launch. **Junctions** Premise: Have player learn the ropes and experience different aspects via requiring it in order for them to progress. These pre req's culminating into a sort of mini challenge in the form of a duel with a Tenno AI wielding various acquirable weapons. Execution: Force existing players to repeat content they have experienced thousa...   View Online   Down

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[Have you been Around the Horn today?]( ____________________________________________ Transparency: [this link shows all votes and extra statistics]( ------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's (short) **Week 16** in /r/baseball Power Rankings! With only three games played since the last ...   View Online   Down

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I'm drunk and fuck you. Fuck Hearthstone and fuck everyone who plays it, and fuck the automods at r/hearthstone. Fuck you and fuck your shit game, with your bullshit rules and garbage cards. I hope you all contract a debilitating anal rot that eats you from the bottom up, clawing away at your flesh and your sanity with searing lashes of nightmarish pain. I hope you all die in one giant fire, as the circus tent burns down around you at the Hearthstone Circlejerk Convention. I hope a hoard of ...   View Online   Down

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I met my ex when I was 26 and we were together for 2 years. He was my first real relationship since I'd been too study focused before. During that time he told me he was a consultant, he told me his parents were abusive, he'd cut ties with his family and so he never spoke to them. He said his parents were neglectful and he was not close to his brothers/sisters at all. I believed him we had a pretty solid relationship for 2 years. Then he proposed to me and I was over the moon. He gave me a hug...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Draft talent meets team needs: WRs and this year's draft

I know we're all talking about the Super Bowl now and rightfully so. That being said, I'm a big fan of the NFL draft process, and this year, I see something pretty interesting playing out. This year's draft is **chock full** of good wide receivers. The way I see it, there are probably 10 1st or 2nd round picks, and I'll use CBS' list here: Watkins, Evans, Lee, Benjamin, Beckham, Jr., Robinson, Cooks, Mathews, Landry, Adams. All of those guys are really good football players. No, they won't ...   View Online   Down

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I didn't realize who it was because Hubs and I both blocked her number when we went "peace out, girl scout". The number wasn't the same one I have memorized, so obviously I was like "Who dis?" as soon as I sent it I said "Oh fuck me..." out loud. Turns out Hubs took her line off of our phone plan, and since she hadn't paid the remaining balance of her brand-new exploding phone (she got a phone just like mine when I upgraded this spring and then paid a down payment on the new Note when Hubs g...   View Online   Down

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Every so often we come across a person, situation or offer that just rubs us the wrong way. I don't usually post about it because we just let it go and move on but since this isn't the usual catfish story I figured I'd share. We've been in touch with *Arnold (not his name) for just a few days and have been chatting here and there. He's attractive, a little younger than I am, fairly local and said he was looking for a FWB situation. After chatting and exchanging photos I was planning to head over...   View Online   Down

pdf ico [f4r] geeky tomboy looking for buddies (among things) in Northampton/internet area

I'm not sure where the internet area is but I mean I'm happy to talk to people online. I'm a 20 y/o intelligent sorta- androgynous cute tomboy (I'm not going to even say "so they tell me"- I know I'm cute) who'd like to meet some new redditor friends for funtimes/bad horror flicks/video games/joints/beers/adventure/whatever. As far as beyond friends go- I generally go for girls but I'm not narrow. yeah this isn't my regular account but pm me or something I'll check it. Edit: To clarify-...   View Online   Down

pdf ico I'm DMG, I adopted a Silver 2 and I regret it dearly.

So 2 months ago I adopted a Silver. He wanted to learn how to become better, or so he said. I had time to show him some smokes and useful pop flashes to stop rushes or to get open frags. Mostly stuff on inferno and mirage, which are the two maps I'm most comfortable in. I had a smurf account solely for showing him stuff around, and to direct him a little better in MM. I didn't really enjoy carrying him and his friends, so I'd usually go pistols and nades only. That went on for I think 5 games...   View Online   Down

pdf ico There are some good guys in this game.

For all of you that saw, read and commented on my dramatically titled "signed my death note" post thank you very much for the ease of mind as well as the advice. Ended up getting the funds together, had a couple friends that owed me money that I've been letting slide cause I haven't been hurting too bad, kind of like an emergency funds account lol. Called my guy let him know I would meet him this morning, he sounded happy as a priest at a Boy Scout swim meet. Slapped him the cash we grabbed a cu...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Learning game is much more than getting women, it's about total self-improvement.

LONG POST BUT IT'S MY STORY TO DATE My story or whatever. Just thought a wrap-up is necessary. This is my new account for this subreddit. I will use an absolute scale for girls with 6.5 being my fuckable threshold and 10 being unobtainable. I can't put timestamps on these. I made lots of good friends this year. It can be attributed to improving my confidence through improving my body and mind. Reading some Tolle, listening to RSD vids, going out and talking to men and women, kissing lots of g...   View Online   Down

pdf ico News at Ten: Girl tries to game with with a pregnancy claim.

So, late Monday night, I had a call from an ex plate. Now, I haven't seen this plate for a good six or seven weeks. The prime reason being was that she was getting far too needy and really wanted the LTR upgrade. Despite her good looks and the fact that she takes care of herself, she's way too entitled. She's too good to cook, her Mother still cleans her flat for her weekly and her army of beta orbiters are just way too numerous and involved. They bore me. She had been wanting to meet with me...   View Online   Down

pdf ico I started out here in California yesterday at Level 1 again: Out of shape, broke, and not knowing anyone, but full of wisdom and prepared for the game ahead. I have a Seven 'F' plan to get back on track, and you can follow along.

Here we are again. Level one. But we've been here before. This isn't a different product, just a different flavor. I sit in a strange city in a part of the country I've never lived in before. I moved here to this little townhouse after being unjustly removed from my previous assignment. I came here with nowhere to live, no car, no phone, no furniture or real belongings, and only a little bit of money to my name. I'm out of shape. I don't know anyone here. I'm fucking broke, and ...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Are there any articles on Tinder I can read?

Some background: I'm 25. When I was 15-21 I was in great shape and socialized a lot and able to get girls ok. from 21-24 I started a business and focused all my time on growing it, was in an LTR and ignored my health and became 40 pounds overweight. Truthfully, I did not like all the attention I would get for my looks back in the day, and did not have the self esteem to handle it so I let myself get fat and dressed unfashionably on purpose for like 3-4 years. I've gotten over that complex though...   View Online   Down

pdf ico A long and boring critique on the entirety of Dark Souls III's PVP

If you don't like reading entire novels, here is the video: Below is the full transcript of the video: _____________________________________________________ Dark Souls as a series has never really had a flawless PVP system in any of its games. That being said, I think Dark Souls III by far handles invasion-style PVP the worst out of the Souls series. While I personally enjoy a good gankspank, I can't imagine the majority of standard players enjoys the mechanics of in...   View Online   Down

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Hi guys and girls All people who read in this subreddit should know about the last happenings, that the hon account and pw database have been hacked. U all should change the pw of your emailadress, if its the same as your account pw. I really hope that this will have no big consequences for the game itself and i hope the good work, s2 is doin will keep on and hon will be as good as before. So dont lose your hope in hon and keep giving s2 the great supprt they deserve for making a game i sp...   View Online   Down