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GIGABYTE,Investor Relations,Financial Information ... *The applied models may vary by country or region. Please consult your local dealers or service providers for ...   View Online   Down

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pdf ico Key binding profiles?

So far we have Mastery profiles and rune profiles. I think they should implement a key binding profile page. Every time I play a different champion I have to go into the settings once in game and change the keys (smart cast, self cast etc). The next champ I play is different and so I have to change the key binds all over again. With key bind profiles, we can easily change the profiles outside the game, rename them to easily identify them. Also while at the character selection screen there may ...   View Online   Down

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Chutney, who was at the head of the civil service (and who afterwards married Miss Dolby, a young lady only thirteen years of age who had just arrived from school in ...   View Online   Down

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Smart Offers is a ground breaking WooCommerce extension that lets you create powerful sales funnels and special offers easily. It's like an automated sales machine...   View Online   Down

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I love watching something intellectual or educational as much as the next guy, but lately they always have clickbait titles like "The key to improving your X". Then you end up spending 20 minutes of some well-off professor or corporate HR type woman who insists making some minor behavioral tweak will grant you some significant life change. They just seem increasingly full of themselves these days or at least disconnected from the lives of most people.   View Online   Down

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pdf ico [Discussion] Please name lightweight tweak(s) for productivity enhancement for native Keyboard. Compatibility: iOS9 amp Bloard (tweak).

Friends, smart gadgets are ultimate productivity enhancers. Can you guys help me in hunt for best tweak(s) for keyboard. Mainly to add: 1. Additional buttons/keys 2. Action Bar 3. Predictions related stuff etc. Regards.   View Online   Down

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pdf ico Haven't made the switch to 7.1.1 Pangu yet because you haven't seen if your favourite tweak is compatible? Well heres your shot - tell me a tweak name that hasn't already been tested and I will try my best to check its functionality on my iPhone 5s running 7.1.1 Pangu

So basically I will be testing those lesser known tweaks for those who are hesitant about switching or worried about messing up their device. Other JB'ers, feel free to add my results to one of the spreadsheets floating around out there! P.s. If you're on a mac, command-f is your friend! Edit: ***Keep in mind, I am a human, I can't just pump out results, this may take some time to reach your tweak*** Key ✖ - Not working ✔ - Working ✔/✖ - Partially working *Tested so far:* 1. App activate...   View Online   Down

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Feb 7, 2016 ... Advanced driver updater full version free download are the software that allows windows to communicate with your computer hardware.   View Online   Down

pdf ico What tweaks would you want to see for a 'tactical/competitive territory' mode? What would you want from a spectator camera to help you understand what's happening?

I was BS-thinking about how to make a territory match in RO2/RS something castable. Part of the problem I think lies in the glut of running and dying. Not that it's bad or undesirable, but rather that it is constant and overwhelming. The other major factor I see is that it's hard to follow what's going on. For the former, I'm thinking that the first thing that needs changed is the amount of reinforcements. To keep things simple, let's assume half the normal number. Possibly combined with a slig...   View Online   Down

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Apr 24, 2015 - 27 secUPDATE MY DRIVERS registration key serial free Smart Tweak ... You can activate your ...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Activator bug with smart 3g and battsaver (vol key lights up screen)

I had a problem with activator not working right. I use the volume buttons for changing songs and they'd cause my screen to turn on and not change the music. Found out it was a problem with tweaks that change the data.   View Online   Down

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UPDATE MY DRIVERS registration key serial free ! Smart Tweak UpdateMyDrivers 7.0 keygen code crack - YouTube (1) - Watch the video on Tech2.   View Online   Down

pdf ico Tamriel Online Version 2.4.0u4 Released: HOLDS UP SPORK | Now that's one smart fox!

[Last time, on screamaholics]( Check out the [Installation guide]( if you're new to 2.4 Installation! ampgt;Changed the way NPC sync retrieves nearby NPC's, it SHOULD work with Random Encounters now. The new method is a bit more **intensive, so there may be a performance hit on lower end PCs....   View Online   Down

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pdf ico Assigning a midi controller to smart control parameters?

I got a MIDI controller recently- a 49 key Novation one. I'm trying to figure out how to map the sliders and/or knobs to parameters within smart controls, so that, for example, I can tweak the cutoff and resonance while doing a synth part. Anyone know how to do this? It was fairly intuitive figuring how to map it to synths on my iPad, but with Logic I'm just kinda at a loss, and neither a search of the manual nor Google has turned up much for me.   View Online   Down

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Download Uniblue SpeedUp My PC 2013 Free PC Serial Keys - Activation Code - License Number ..... I want a serial key for speed up mycomputer smart tweak.   View Online   Down

pdf ico Tweaking Rubymine for a closer 'Vim' experience

I spent around 2-3 months using vim, and while my vim skills are not yet perfect - I really enjoyed it. We received a RubyMine license few days ago, and I find the refactoring and easy debugging useful enough to try sticking with RubyMine. Wanting to keep doing it vim-style, I download the IdeaVim plugin. I tried to tweak it a bit, but I'm not completely happy. IdeaVim is very useful, but it focus only on strict code editing. For example: code compilation, searching files or any other actions t...   View Online   Down

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Speedupmycomputer Smart Tweak Registration Key 201   View Online   Down

pdf ico How to do Packs Smart: Maximizing Revenues while Minimizing Ill-will

In his latest Town Hall, Russ said that PGI plans on putting out many more packs in the future and that he sees them as the core of their business model moving forward. Without some changes to the current system, however, this would be a very bad idea. The current ‘Mech Package system is problematic for multiple reasons. Ultimately, it puts exclusive content behind a pay-wall for a very long time (up to half a year!), which is contrary to the system of money-or-grind, replacing it with mon...   View Online   Down

pdf ico [request] custom shortcuts for smart keyboard

Custom Key binding shortcuts will make all the pro user more productive. Some of the examples below. Cmd + 3 = brightness down Cmd + 4 = brightness up Cmd + 5 = last track Cmd + 6 = pause Cmd + 7 = next track Cmd + 8 = mute Cmd + 9 = volume down Cmd + 0 = volume up Cmd + ~ = printscreen / screenshot Cmd + s = sleep / wake Cmd + q = force quit any app Cmd + p = print the current document Cmd + n = new document/ new window Cmd + option + p = quit all apps When our keyboards are open, we will be ...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Derek Smart comments on Polygon July 1st 2015

First of all, this post is only for archival purposes and I intend no offense or disrespect. I apologize if the following has been discussed before, and would kindly ask any responders to please be civil and mature in their remarks. Thank you. Url: Archive: I select here three main comments by Mr. Smart, although he also made a few other replies. Please see full comment section for t...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Smart Cast Letter Below the Skill

I don't know if many people know this already but I just found this out by experimenting. When you use smart cast, the letter that says q,w,e,r,d, and f would've disappeared. Well I found a fix and is done so by changing around your key bindings. You put the key bindings in the primary and secondary of the cast spell rows. From there you want to then bind the keys for your smart keys regularly and as you notice, only one of the letters that you put for each cast spell row disappears. You then sa...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Guild Wars 2 Action kombat Mod

#Guild Wars 2 Custom kombat Mod Make sure you have latest version of [AHK]( Settings.exe to open settings panel. Delete settings.ini to reset to default settings please report any issues. Crosshair Rotation is WIP [Screenshot]( **[Download Link!](** Click **Download ZIP** on the right of the github page to download [Video Preview of Features]( This is a modif...   View Online   Down

pdf ico I hear people say they could never really get into XII a lot, so I made some saves at key points you can use in PCSX2 to jumpstart a playthrough. Lots more info follows:

Yeah, in general a lot of the complaints I hear from people about XII go something like, "I could never really get the hang of gambits and the battle system" or "the story takes too long to get started and I lose interest before it gets anywhere." I can definitely empathise with those sentiments; the early game can be pretty slow, even moreso if you know what comes later and are starting a fresh game. But over the course of my PCSX2 playthrough last year, I made sure to save in a new slot each ...   View Online   Down

pdf ico For anyone looking at TOME - Critique and Opinions

If you haven't heard yet, TOME is moba/dota-styled/brawler (w/e you wanna call the genre) with huge emphasis on team fights as HotS, but with it's own gripe on things. You can find it here - and instead of reading this wall of text, **tl'dr** - try it yourself, it's free anyway. :P Also right away, I apologize for my english, it's not perfect or particulary good. Let's start with the (sadly) shorter side of good stuff. **TOME doesn't have mana**, whic...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Just got my first mac, what do I need to know?

I just got a 13" MacBook Pro in preparation for college (2.9 GHz 8GB ram). The problem is, I have no clue how to use a mac at all. My experience is about 4-6 hours (edit: in one day, got it yesterday at time of posting) in the settings, downloading and installing things, and just getting used to how everything works. (Edit - In this time, it's taken me a large amount of time to figure out/do anything simple, which is why I'm looking for advice to make my experience better.) I've been a Windo...   View Online   Down

pdf ico A new factory design: all intermediate products on a single belt loop, no logistic robots needed.

Hi all, I've been working on a factory design that uses one single belt loop for each intermediate product. My current factory uses this single loop to simultaneously transport iron gears, inserters, fast inserters, smart inserters, copper coil, circuits, advanced circuits, batteries, and transport belts. Currently I use it to make green and blue science, solar panels, accumulators, speed modules, and some other stuff - but you can really add anything you want to the system. The key challeng...   View Online   Down

pdf ico What can developers do, that is economically feasible, to get PC gamers to buy more of their games?

Most specifically, I'm talking about big, multi-platform releases that will inevitably be tailored more specifically to Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers than PC gamers-- purely due to a desire for sales. In these situations, where a developer is making a game for all three platforms, how can they offer the best possible PC port? Please don't take my generalizations about console gaming offensively; they are just generalizations. Here's my list: **1) Ensure that basic PC features are not left out:** T...   View Online   Down

pdf ico [Help] Can someone verify that I don't have any battery draining tweaks

**Found the culprit : Venom** My active usage and standby time are the same. Sometimes I only get 4 hours of continuous wifi usage. Here's my list of tweaks. I'm finding out which tweak causes activity even when locked (onlinenotify is disabled for now). I had f.lux installed but I'm sure it doesn't drain any extra battery. I'm using iPhone 6 resolution on iPhone 5s 3G Flipswitch (Legacy) - 0.0.1-2 60D Shutter Sound - 1.0 7-zip (POSIX) - 4.57-3p 7Shaders - 0.3-1 Activator - 1.9.5 adv-cm...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition NPC Deli Slicer

A while ago, I found that, like /u/LifeCoachBill, I needed a tool like Byakhee that could generate NPCs quickly, [spitting them out like a deli slicer]( I'm not sure if this is more or less convenient than running Wine or Windows on a virtual machine, but I went ahead and put something together in Google Sheets that will let me choose an occupation from a dropdown menu and away it goes! Just about ...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Power user, going back to W10 for the 4th time

Hey /r/windows10 -- With the free upgrade going away soon I figured I would give Windows 10 another shot. Each time I try W10 I end up doing a heap of tweaks to 'tame' the OS so a lot of the unwanted bloat and privacy-related things go away ( [Spybot Anti-Beacon]( and ) as well as some other things. Here are some things off the top of my head that were always annoying to me. I will admit that W1...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Some Handy Apps for Power Users (Root) and Normal Users

I've had my N5 since launch and I have went through the trouble of compiling what I think are some must have applications and mods that can really help out the typical power user and even the casual user, if you're willing to put forward the time and effort (mostly to change/optimize settings) then these applications will really be beneficial Pre-Steps * Settings ampgt; Display ampgt; Pulse notification light (On) * Settings ampgt; Security ampgt; Enable widgets (On) * Settings amp...   View Online   Down

pdf ico PvE Marksman Build

Hello fellow agents! I've put in a large amount of time to the game like most of us, seeing as we will need to gear up for the incoming incursions and other content. I wanted to begin sharing the build I have been theorycrafting for PvE during my time with the game and experience with the Challenge difficulty. The damage output is absolutely an asset to any squad play. I'm working on it's viability to solo challenge modes though I will have to fully gear high-end before working on it. This build...   View Online   Down

pdf ico Why I'm picking a Warlock to start

So there's been a lot of back and forth about which class is better, but the truth is we haven't seen the majority of abilities and items in play for high level guardians so we just can't say. So this isn't exactly about why the Warlock is better than something else, but why I think the Warlock will be a great starting class. First off you have to establish what you're going to be playing and what you're playing style is. For me it's going to be a mix of everything so I desire a class with a ...   View Online   Down